Rites is a powerful male duet which makes use of the personal and shared histories of Missen & Turner. At the same time, the piece investigates those rites of passage shared by men in a more universal context, exploring the coming of age and questioning what it is to be a man.

Characterised by an alliance of bold athleticism and human sensitivity, Rites explores those events and experiences that shape us to become what we are, where we receive our formative information from, and the cyclical nature of those behavioural traits we are left with.

Rites features an original sound score from renowned composer and musician Miguel Marin.

Rites was commissioned by Dance Initiative Greater Manchester.


42 mins

2007 – 2009

Performance & Choreography
Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Original Composition by Miguel Marin

Lighting Design
Adam Carree

Fabrice Serafino

Main image ©Maria Falconeris.