Two distant characters enter a public space. Their appearance reminds of the Matrix films and their interest is to explore the new territory. Gradually, they find a meaning for their existence in this place, hidden underneath the external layers.

Through a series of interactions with the audience and with each other, they address the question of what it is to be human.

RISE combines text, contemporary dance, acrobatics, butoh and partnering. It is a unique street spectacle that adapts and interacts with each location and audience it encounters.

“RISE is an invitation to move beyond what we can experience alone to what we can experience together.

By turning a space into a ritual of transformation; ordinary appears as extraordinary and the distant as familiar.

Any square, any street, any little corner can unfold stories full of imagination, intimacy, wonderings and dance.”

– Roser Tutusaus and Tom Weksler

Creation and interpretation: WONDERGROUND
(Roser Tutusaus & Tom Weksler)

Original Music: Miguel Marin Pavón

Choreography Assistant: Marta Dalmau Graupera

Production: WONDERGROUND and Brechtje Randag

Cultural Management & International Relations: Katherina Vasiliadis

Artistic collaborators: Oryan Zaks, Spela Vodeb, Orit Nevo

Video and edit: Gabriele Mariotti

Support: ON-CENTER, Aula de teatre i dansa Mataró, Centre Cívic la Barceloneta. Me-ever. Circuit-Est