AQUARIST NIMBLE a quirky and charmed explorer, dances across the oceans and deserts to reveal a story of transformation.

Her story beings as she sets sail in ‘Glass’, until she seeks Emerald the extraordinary fish in‘Aquarium’ and eventually returns home in ‘Dust’.

Aquarist Nimble’ from The Fish Project explores a woman in limbo waiting to transform, creating an enchanted space and character. This series is deep in emotion, both reminiscent and humorous in its storytelling and refined in its physical articulation. The work is designed for vignettes to be programmed individually or as a linked series, in one location or traveling between sites (in and outdoor). ‘Aquarist Nimble’ is a sensitive and articulate series that is suitable for children (4-12yrs) and family audiences. 

‘Glass – Aquarist Nimble 1 ’

 With a strong sculptural quality Aquarist Nimble, follows the footsteps of those who have gone before. She sets sail and finds herself dancing near a lonely boot filled with messages, perhaps from another lost soul, another like spirit. This quirky and mysterious traveler is eventually driven to wander in search of Emerald.

‘Aquarium – Aquarist Nimble 2’

Following on from ‘Glass’, Aquarist Nimble moves through the town searching to find where Emerald will transform into an extraordinary fish. Eventually she comes upon another lonely boot. This work is a storytelling piece about the magic and illusions of wishing.

‘Dust – Aquarist Nimble 3’

 With a dream like quality the woman and the fish, Aquarist Nimble and Emerald, are one and the same. Moving with a poetic and dynamic virtuosity she returns home, but in a changed land without water, everything around her turns to dust. 

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